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The Vitality Restored System

The Vitality Restored System is my proprietary method for athletes and medical professionals. Overcome burnout through my 3 part process: rest, restore, and rejuvenate. Through one-on-one customized coaching program, I guide you from exhaustion to vitality.
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Online yoga classes 



Custom rest solutions to help improve performance.


Heal with massage, herbal consultation, and holistic health.


Meet Deah Jenkins

I am here to guide, support, and teach you

I teach and lead a systematic method to feel deeply rested, restored, and rejuvenated.

My programs increases productivity and performance utilizing mindfulness and holistic habits.



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A gift of relaxation to you
Yoga Nidra

Having trouble sleeping? Need more energy and focus? Sleep is a vital part of our lives which enables our bodies to recharge and restore for a brand new day.

Join Deah Jenkins for a special yoga Nidra Recorded session designed to completely relax the body as you ebb and flow between a state of wakefulness and sleep.
Find an open and comfy space with a blanket to relax and unwind as Deah teaches Relaxing yoga techniques to enhance our sleep quality




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